3DR Solo CubeID Connector Board


Integrate a CubeID with your Solo!

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This is a specially-designed breakout board/connector for your Solo, to connect to a CubeID board! CubeID sold separately, here: https://irlock.com/products/cube-id

There’s just a single connector which mates with the “CubeID to GHR-6″ cable, included with the CubeID, to allow communication with the module at the lightest possible weight, with the minimum possible complexity.

There are also six (6) common Solo pins exposed on a 2×3 0.1” header footprint. Those pins are:

  1. +5V (See note below)
  2. PWM6 (factory not-connected)
  3. BATT (See note below)
  4. PWM7 (factory not-connected)
  5. GND
  6. PWM8 (factory not-connected)

Visual pinout:

To use the PWM signals, which do not come connected within the Solo by default, you must open your Solo and solder wires between the mainboard and accessory port board on pins 14, 18, and 19. A tutorial can be found here.

Note for 5V/BATT pins:

The 3DR Solo accessory bay limits the total power available on these pins. Click here for a full explanation. The relevant parts are:

4.75V to 5.4V voltage pin for USB device. Maximum combined current off bus (pins 17 and 19) is 1.05A (fuse: ST890DTR). Maximum combined power 5.7W.

This board connects both accessory bay pins 17 and 19 to the +5V pin (pin 1), and as such can deliver a maximum 5.7W on the +5V pin.

12V to 16.8V. Maximum combined current off bus (pins 15 and 30) is 1.1A (fuse: 1812L110/24DR). Maximum combined power 18.5W.

This board also connects both accessory bay pins 15 and 30 to the BATT pin (pin 3), and as such can deliver a maximum 18.5W on the BATT pin.


Available options:

Your choice of assembly:

  • Plug-and-Play (the Solo Accessory bay & GHR-06 connector installed and ready to go)
  • DIY (you get the two connectors and bare board, for you to solder)
    • Disclaimer: The accessory connector is a rather tight pitch and is difficult to solder! Additionally, the GHR-06 connector is surface-mount. Only choose this option if you have experience with soldering both of these scenarios

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Plug-and-Play (+$8), DIY


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