3DR Solo Power Connector – Molex 46436-9202


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This connector, a genuine Molex 46436-9202 will mate with the power contacts (and power contacts only) on your 3DR Solo. Please note that this connector DOES NOT HAVE the split-power contacts used for SMBus. If you use/integrate this connector for the Solo, YOU are responsible for knowing what the consequences of that limitation are.

This is a PRESS-FIT (overview of press-fit) version of the connector, meaning no soldering is needed (press-fitting is more reliable, consistent, and quicker than soldering). However, there is a significant insertion force necessary to mate the connector with a PCB (Molex claims a maximum ~18lbs per pin, and this connector has 20 pins). We have found that a desktop vice with padding is sufficient to mate the connector to our carrier PCB (available here).

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